Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Kiss the baby

Kiss the baby
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Geoff and Katie came downtown on Monday to have lunch with me and some out of town friends (Hi, Misty!). It's a treat to get to see my baby in the middle of the day.

Things are fine, the weather is nice, and our apartment is feeling homier since we moved Katie into her own room. My job is going well, Geoff and I are getting along wonderfully, and I love being a mother.

But I'm a little sad today. Sometimes in the middle of a work day, I wish I could kiss the baby. I miss her.

(Geoff took this picture. See that fringe of short hair around my hairline? It's left over from being pregnant. When I was pregnant, I lost very little hair (this happens to pretty much all pregnant women), and then about 4 months after Katie was born, all of the hair that would ordinarily have fallen out during the previous 9-13 months or so (if I had not been pregnant) fell out all at once. Now that it's growing back in, I have weird fringes of new (white) hair. I don't much like it. Oh, well.)


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