Monday, November 11, 2002

How did it get to be FIVE DAYS before the wedding? How? This would probably be a good time to try to capture this insanity that I'm currently experiencing, but the problem with my insanity is that it doesn't lend itself well to description. I feel on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I don't think that I will really have a breakdown, of course, but that's the feeling that's with me today.

I still have to make CD's and print programs and spray paint our crafty stuff. I still need to make a list of "must take" photos and finish stringing cranes. We need to talk to the chaplain again. We need to talk to our photographer. I need to finish with the cookies and package them up for presentation. I need to cut the foam core stuff to the right size to go in the flower pots. We need to drop off the check with the cake baker. I need to mop the kitchen floor and Swiff the whole apartment again and put clean sheets on the bed in the guest room, because we pick Geoff's sister Stephanie up at O'Hare tonight at 6.

She called last night to make sure that someone was going to be there to pick her up, and then she asked if she could take us out to eat afterwards, her treat. Sure, we said. Geoff was on the phone with her. "Can we go to Red Lobster?" she asked Geoff. "Sure," I said. "But why?" She's seen lots of commercials for them, she told him, and the commercials make it look really yummy.

So tonight we are going to go eat at Red Lobster with a girl who will have just flown here from the Atlantic Coast. Score one for Red Lobster advertising.

Friday we got a card, check, and note from my aunt Lisa, who was 14 or 15 when I was born. The note was my favorite part. She wrote that she is sorry that she won't be able to come to the wedding, but that she'll be thinking of us. She wrote, "I remember when you were born, and I showed your picture to my friends. We were all amazed that you were the prettiest baby that we had ever seen! I have continued to be amazed and delighted throughout the years." What a great aunt. I love her.

We got a lot done this weekend. Rebecca and I shopped. I bought a purse, and white slippers, and some honeymoon "clothing," and candles and napkins (pink and orange!) at Ikea. After we got home, we made pink & orange spritz cookies with the cookie press. We also picked up my wedding dress.

And it looks beautiful. It's gorgeous, and it fits me (without me having to suck in or anything obnoxious), and the seamstress put in buttons and loops to bustle up the train, and she put darts in the bodice, and she hemmed it an inch so I won't (hopefully) step on it (too much). She reattached some beads that had fallen off. It's lovely, and it's at home in our huge, newly straightened walk in closet where the cats normally live but which, for this week only, they are not allowed to enter. For this week, it is the Room of the Dress.

I was completely unprepared for how much the alterations would cost, because I assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) that they would not be too much. Of course, "too much" for one person is "not much" to another, and so when Dina of the Golden Hands looked at me and said, "two twenty five" I just stared at her as if she were speaking another language, as if "two twenty five" was code for, say, "eighty dollars." And of course she doesn't accept credit cards. So I wrote a check.

The dress is perfect, though.

And yesterday I went to brunch with Wendy and Ericka (who does not, in spite of much urging, have a journal at this time). Wendy is the coolest, and she picked me up in her car and drove me out to Arlington Heights. And Ericka is the coolest, because she brought me one gazillion strings of lights that she is loaning me for our reception. As a bonus, she also brought fake greenery and other strings of lights with white paper cones over the lights. And she is making me something to hold wedding cards. Then I came home and we cleaned the pantry and the kitchen and the back room and the bathroom, and we did laundry. And then Erin came over to help me string cranes, and Erin now holds the coveted title of "Master Crane Stringer." Oh, yes, she does.

And this weekend I talked to Laurie and Tracy and Allen and Candace and my mom.

I have 975 cranes now. All but about 140 or so were strung by people other than me. They were strung by people like you. I am so grateful and amazed.

So Erin and I strung cranes, and then I went and had chai tea and French onion soup (I had those things, she didn't) with Liz, and she let me talk and talk and talk way more than my fair share without complaining one bit, and it was good, because for the hour and a half or so that we were there, I forgot to be worried or scared about anything wedding related.

And now here I am at work. I am about to go drop off my engagement ring to be re-sized, and then I am leaving here early so that I can go home and do some of those things that need to be done.


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