Friday, July 23, 2004

Katie is glad it's Friday (I am, too)

Friday means that Katie and her Mommy get to spend the days together! This weekend we'll have extra time together. Geoff is leaving tomorrow afternoon to go to a conference in Indiana; my mom is coming up on Sunday to be our daytime nanny for Katie next week while Geoff is gone.
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Katie and I may have use some of our time to go on a couple of mini photo shoots together.

I can't decide if she's cuter when she's smiling or serious. (She's even cute with drool on her face. She's a wonder!)

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Professional Haircut

Tuesday night I got what I think was my first professional haircut since before our wedding in November 2002. I often cut my own hair and end up happy with the results. But the last time I cut it, I used a pair of very dull scissors. Not so smart. I was pretty excited to have somebody else repair the damage I'd done.

Here's my new haircut. I like it! It's entirely possible that it would be wise to continue paying to have my hair cut.


This brick wall is at the end of the street running perpendicular to ours. You can see the B and the E and the L and the L and the arrow from at least a block away. I always assumed there was a teeny tiny doorbell next to the arrow, and it made me laugh to think about the situation that would have caused somebody to spraypaint that sign so that somebody else could see the miniature bell.
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I never inspected it closely until this week, and you know what I discovered?

There is no bell. Huh.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


And speaking of little (big?) boys I know and love...

Remember Xander? This was Xander in July 2002.

This was Xander in September 2002.

Here was Xander the weekend before last, when he and Tracy & Tim visited us.

And here is Xander with my lovely daughter.

It's a little startling to realize that less than five years ago, none of them - Xander or Katie or Jack - had even begun to exist. What would we do without them now?


Jack is Laurie's little boy. I am Jack's Aunt Jessie. I am getting to watch him grow up.

This was Jack in December 2000.

This was Jack in October 2001.

This was Jack in November 2002.

This is Jack in July 2004. (I love Jack.)

Jack & Robin (not Batman!)
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