Tuesday, November 26, 2002

The picture below isn't a whole picture. It's really only a part of a picture. But this picture, even though it's only a part of a picture, has been fascinating me for the last couple of days. You know why?

Because other pictures, I see them and I know that they represent how I looked on my wedding day. Mostly, they look nice, and mostly I like the way I looked. But still, in some of the pictures I see, I can't help but be distracted by a shiny forehead or a weird expression or too-much roundness of the chin.

This picture, though, is different. When I look at this picture, instead of thinking about how I looked that day, I think about how I felt.

This is how I felt.

Happy me

(I felt good.)

The original picture is nice, too (although oddly enough, the original looks a little bit like I've been photoshopped into it):

me, Tracy, Geoff

Monday, November 25, 2002

We're home! We're married! We had a lovely wedding, a "super cool" reception (as my brother said) and a terrific, relaxing honeymoon. I'm going to have Geoff help me out with an official wedding entry, and we don't have many pictures yet - no good ones of me and Geoff together, for instance - but here are a few of the ones we do have. (Taken by either Candace or Allen.)

hairdo getting done
At the salon, getting my hair done by Miriam. (In the full sized picture of this, you can really see my tired eyes.)

me, the matron, and the maids
Before the ceremony, in the bride's room at the chapel, with Laurie, Candace, and Tracy.

me and my brother
At the reception. My brother Josh, looking at me.

Jessie, and more of her mouth than you wanted to see
Me, a morsel of wedding cake, and more of the inside of my mouth than you ever wanted to see.

Geoff and three beautiful women
At the reception. My husband (!) with Candace, Rebecca, and Elizabeth.

Allen, Candace, & Emily
Candace, Allen, and Emily (yes, they're sisters).

The bride. Happy, glowing (literally!), and tired.