Thursday, November 04, 2004

Coming Back

Self Portrait
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I posted a new/old entry in the journal.

I've been missing writing.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy Halloween from Happy Monster and Me

Happy Monster and Me
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We hadn't really felt the need to buy Katie a Halloween costume, until Saturday, when I suddenly decided that even though she isn't old enough to eat candy, she was old enough to wear a costume and have her picture taken! Did I really want to miss that photo opportunity?

So we went to Target. There was almost nothing left on the shelves, of course, especially not in the right size. We ended up buying Katie a monster costume that's meant to fit a child age 4-6 (yes, years - it's from Monsters, Inc., although we didn't know that until we got home and looked at the tag).

And for some reason, even though we didn't spend any time planning what costume to get, and even though it's completely the wrong size, the monster costume was perfect - especially on a cold October night.
The Monster Inspects Her Father
We dressed her up and took her to a Halloween walk a block away from our apartment. People asked us what she was. "Is that a Viking?" "Is she a buffalo?"

"She's our little monster," Geoff said. And everyone agreed - she was a very cute monster.

(Geoff took the first picture, and I took the second. There are a few more pictures of Katie in her monster costume in my photostream on Flickr.)